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Dyslexia Education is a home-based specialized tutoring service for students struggling with dyslexia. 

I offer personalized assessments and Orton-Gillingham (OG) tutoring to help your bright child succeed in school. From years of tutoring my own child, training in the Barton program, to starting my OG practicum with the Canadian Academy of Therapeutic Tutors, and presently obtaining more knowledge in the field of Structured Word Inquiry, it has been an amazing journey of new learning that will continue for life. 

My son is now experiencing success in high school, and I’ve helped other young students regain their self-esteem by learning how to read and spell. 

Tutoring sessions are multi-sensory (activating many centres of the brain) to allow for optimal learning. If you would like me to explain to your child’s teacher what dyslexia is and/or what accommodations might be necessary, I am happy to advocate on his/her behalf. 

Dyslexia is for life—let’s make it a happy and successful one!

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