Bridging the Gap

Reading, Spelling, Writing and Math help

My journey into dyslexia has been a long and emotional one - but it has also been a journey full of hope and excitement, as I've discovered how to help my own child and others. 

 As parents or teachers, we all want to help children learn.  That's the whole goal of school - learning how to learn - so we can make our own way in the world.  But when the written word becomes a mystery to a bright student -- this unexpected difficulty becomes a frustration to both parents and teachers trying to assist the child.

       Dyslexia is a "Difficulty with Language" - that comes with a whole host of hidden issues that make everyday life a challenge, and school a nightmare.  Imagine working your hardest and trying till you're exhausted and then being told "you're lazy".  How discouraging! 

     We all know how children and teens think, and the cruel realities of the school setting.  No one wants to appear stupid!  They would rather be the class clown, or the bully, or just disappear into the shadows.   These kids need our help and deserve a chance!  Let's all learn together to teach these kids the way their brains need to be taught.  This will be a lifelong challenge, but together, we can help to smooth the way!

Sharon Simon

Dyslexia Tutor & Advocate