Bridging the Gap

Reading, Spelling, Writing and Math help

Too much information can be overwhelming, but below are some good starting points.  Please be aware that there is no medication for this disorder.   It is not a disease.   People with dyslexia are not ill, so there is no "cure".   

   Dyslexia requires a particular teaching process to allow learning to occur. The Orton-Gillingham approach has been adapted to many programs (Arrowsmith, Barton, Wilson etc) and, if applied correctly, can unlock the mysteries of the English language for dyslexic learners.  Structured Word Inquiry avoids the pitfalls of  "syllables" that are still taught in school.  Your child will be learning in a very different way.  Be patient with your classroom teacher,  they likely have never learned about methods of teaching for dyslexic students, be kind to yourself and your child  this is not anyone's fault, and let us help you on this journey, for it is a lifelong process and you are in good company!

Ideas for Tools for Learning