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Information to Start with...

Click below and read up on this disorder.  There is a lot of information on the internet  - so it can become confusing.  Go slowly and feel free to ask questions! 

Screening and Testing

After some internet searches - if it's all sounding familiar - now is a great time to give us a call!   We will start by asking a series of questions to see if it's most likely dyslexia or possibly another disorder.  To move forward, we will fully test your child to specifically identify where we should get started.    We can write up a report for your child's teacher, or just jump in and get started.  Support is on-going, including talking with your child's school as well as recommending other specialists that may be required.


 Orton-Gillingham based tutoring is one of the most well known systematic approaches that to explicitly teaches the dyslexic brain all the sounds and spelling conventions within the English language.  Another approach is Structured Word Inquiry which opens the door to the meaning of words and parts of words with greater success than the random syllable/sounding out methods of years past.  These may not be familiar approaches to you (or your child's teacher), but to the dyslexic learner, they can be the lifeline to literacy.  Don't be discouraged with the rate of progress, it will take time to fully remediate your child, but get ready to celebrate all their success, large or small,  the results can be impressive!

                                           Give the gift of reading for life!