Bridging the Gap

Reading, Spelling, Writing and Math help

Customer Testimonials

(A Parent's description of the gap between our medical and educational systems)
"They (school) said it was not something they would test for or look into.  I'd have to talk to my doctor about it first  Then they might consider looking at it.  I talked to my doctor and he said that was the teachers domain basically."

(Email from a dyslexic parent of one of our students)

"Just wanted to share that I again, after several years, I felt like (child’s name) probably does every day.
I was trying to fix a problem at work that I didn’t create. During this, my new boss was watching me behind my computer, like he likes to do  - and I don’t like - as I searched for a word in a document.  I started to spell the word incorrectly and the system didn’t accept that.

         By this time my boss thought he could be helpful and spelled the letters of the word so quickly that I couldn't follow him. I was already not happy because everyone was watching me by now, and we had customers in the office too.
The feeling was very painful I can tell you that. Like I am not capable of writing a word, not capable of solving a problem. Like I am stupid, like I was 6 years old again.…..WOW, did I feel small! I felt all the scars again that growing up with dyslexia made on me."

(From a frustrated Parent)
"I approached Sharon after noticing my eight-year-old daughter having great difficulties in spelling and math. The school dismissed my concerns, telling me that my daughter was fine, but I knew deep down that something was wrong. Sharon discovered what my daughter's teachers could not - that my daughter was suffering from dyslexia and required teaching in a way her school did not offer. With Sharon's help, my daughter is finally getting the math concepts she has struggled with for so long and her spelling has improved considerably. She is now more confident and enjoys being in school again. I cannot thank Sharon enough for her help and kindness. She has made a world of difference to our family."